About Us

Export USA Commodities is one the USA’s leading export companies headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.  The company is comprised of staff members, some of whom for 30 years presided over international agricultural marketing activities with numerous United States governmental agencies promoting products “Made in USA”.

We have a large selections of farm fresh “OMA” brand eggs of USDA Grade A top quality.  Our eggs range from Classic White and Brown eggs to Cage Free, Organic, Omega-3s and Lutein.

We also specialize in frozen liquid and powdered eggs.

We supply 14 different countries and can consolidate all the products making us your “one stop shop” for all USDA Certified egg products shipped directly from the USA.  All of our items all are in full compliance with the GCC export regulations.

Whether in bulk, food service or retail we can accommodate your needs.

Export USA Commodities’ business activities are not limited solely to supply and export of agricultural, industrial and consumer goods, but is involved with other areas regarding such as trade consultancy, public relations, marketing and promotion to trade, buyers and press missions, technical visits and seminars.